​Classic Chicken​

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Famous Recipe

It all begins with the right recipe.

Our Famous Recipe chicken is always cooked fresh, never frozen. Then it’s honey dipped, hand breaded in our special blend of herbs and spices and pressure cooked to seal in the flavor that put Lee’s on the map in the first place. We might hold on to our traditions a bit longer than others. But after one bite, you’ll see why.


Our homestyle flavor — taken up a notch.

As good as our Famous Recipe chicken is, sometimes your taste buds need a little extra kick. If you can relate to that, our Spicy Chicken has just the kick you’re looking for. First it’s slow marinated in our special blend of seasonings, then it’s hand breaded twice and freshly cooked to seal in every bit of its bold flavor. Think of it as homestyle chicken with just the right amount of Southern attitude.

Famous Recipe

Our Famous Flavor — Guilt and Gluten Free.

When you hear about food that’s gluten free and guilt free, it usually means it’s free of flavor, too. Well, it’s not like that here. First, we marinate our chicken. Then, we dust it with a blend of herbs and spices and oven roast it until it’s golden brown and bursting with flavor. It might be lower in fat and carbohydrates than our classic chicken, but trust us – it comes fully loaded with home-cooked flavor.