5 Tips for An Outstanding Family Dinner

It is easy to fall into the same old dinner routine, with each family member sitting at the table night in and night out, scrolling through social media or watching TV. With a little effort though, dinner time can play an important role in bringing your family together. Get out of your dinner rut by following the tips below!

Set the table.

Make dinner a festive affair with fun table settings. Bust out your best china, set out cloth napkins or drape your table with a colorful tablecloth. Putting in extra effort into where you will be eating creates anticipation around your meal and encourages your family to linger over dinner longer.

Turn off electronics.

Turn off the TV and leave phones, computers and tablets out of the room during dinner. Electronics can be distracting and keeping them out of the picture will encourage more communication and connection during your meal.

Create a jar of conversation starters.

Write down a list of questions you can ask around the dinner table to serve as conversation starters. The questions can range from “What would you like to accomplish within the next year?” to “Where is your dream vacation destination?” to “What would you do if you won the lottery?” Cut the piece of paper into strips so each strip features a question. Fold up the questions and place them in a jar. At dinner, take turns pulling a question from the jar and then going around the table answering the question.

Play games.

Grab a deck of cards and enjoy a family game night over dinner. Hearts, Spades and Go Fish are all great options to play while enjoying a meal.

Have a themed dinner.

Plan a dinner once a week centered around a theme your family will enjoy. From a movie to type of cuisine to an activity, the options are limitless. Plan a menu around your theme and encourage your family members to dress up.

Family meals are important, and by following the tips above, you can make dinner time one of the most anticipated events of the day. If you really want to take the family fun to the next level, pick up your meal from Lee’s! With our famous chicken, homestyle sides, fluffy biscuits and refreshing iced tea, you can put a dinner on the table that the whole family will love without making a mess in the kitchen. Find a location near you.


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