5 Tips for a Successful Office Holiday Party

After a year of hard work, your office deserves a fun, festive holiday party. Follow the steps below to get your coworkers rockin’ around the Christmas tree at a holiday party everyone will be talking about all year long!

Assemble your team.

Before you start making plans, assemble a party planning committee to share the joy of throwing your office holiday soiree! Choose team members from a wide range of age groups and with an array of interests to help you come up with ideas that will appeal to everyone in your office.

Pick a time and place.
Once your team is assembled, decide where and when your party will be. Consider your work schedule and coworkers’ personal lives when choosing your location and time. For 9 to 5 office environments, renting out a venue after work might be a good choice, while those who work long shifts or at a location that is far from town may prefer a lunch celebration in the conference room.

Make it festive.

Give your party a good dose of holiday cheer with festive décor, a cheerful playlist and a few fun games and giveaways. To ensure participation, keep games simple. For example, if you have a Christmas tree in your office, ask your coworkers to guess how many ornaments are on the tree and award a prize to the winner. You could also raffle off one of the season’s most popular gifts or a large cash prize to build up some excitement.

Organize a gift exchange.

A Secret Santa gift exchange always adds some extra anticipation to a holiday office party. To organize yours, write down all your coworkers’ names on a piece of paper and place them into a bowl. Then, have each of your coworkers draw a name out of the bowl. If they draw their own name, they must place it back in the bowl and redraw. Tell your coworkers to buy a gift under $10 for the person they drew, but to keep it a secret until the holiday party when the gifts will be exchanged. If you work in a large office, you may consider coordinating gift exchanges within departments.

Cater a crowd-pleasing meal.

To throw a truly great holiday party, you must serve good food. Ask a popular nearby restaurant that your coworkers frequent to cater or pick up a spread that everyone is guaranteed to love such as a pizza, Mexican food or a Southern, homestyle chicken buffet! If you’re working with a small budget, consider a potluck where your coworkers sign up to bring sides, appetizers and desserts, then cater the main course.

By following the tips above, your office get together is sure to be fun! But if you really want to make sure your holiday party is a hit, cater Lee’s! With our classic chicken, strips, sides, biscuits and refreshing tea, we can accommodate any size group. Learn more about Lee’s catering or try out our helpful Catering Estimator to determine how much famous flavor you’ll need!


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