Four Ways to Preserve Your School Memories

Graduation is just around the corner and while school may be over, you’ll cherish the memories for a lifetime. Read on for our favorite ways to preserve your best experiences from your high school or college years – and enjoy them for years to come.

T-shirt Quilt

You’ve likely gathered t-shirts from various events, clubs and sports teams you’ve been involved in throughout your school years. Pick out your favorite ones and send them off to a t-shirt quilt company to be made into a cozy blanket. If you have experience with sewing, you could also look up a t-shirt quilt pattern online and do it yourself.


You have countless photos from school, but in this digital age, it’s easy for them to get lost on your computer or smart phone. Make a photobook or scrapbook that will look great on your coffee table or bookshelf and will be easy to access and enjoy!


Turn your keepsakes into wall art by putting them in a shadowbox. From tickets to photos, keep all your favorite mementos on display to remind you of your best memories from school.

Memory Box

If you’d like to preserve your school memories in a more discreet way, find a decorative box you can place on a side table or shelf. Fill it with your favorite tokens and trinkets and whenever you’re feeling nostalgic, open the box and take a walk down memory lane!

Your best high school or college memories are meant to be cherished. In addition to preserving them with one of the ideas above, the best way to enjoy them is by getting back together with your friends and reminiscing about the good old days — and Lee’s is the perfect place to meet up, enjoy famous food and create new memories with lifelong friends. Find a location near you.


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