5 Fun Indoor Family Activities

As frigid winter temperatures force your family to spend hours upon hours indoors, you may begin to find yourself a little stir crazy. Entertain the family and keep cabin fever at bay this winter with some of these fun family activities!

Have a game day.

Round up your favorite family games and give points for first, second and third place each round of each game. Tally up everyone’s points at the end of the day and crown the winner! Up the ante by awarding the winner a prize — like a week off from chores.

Watch a movie series.

Pick a movie series and watch each installment as a family. Make each viewing an event complete with sodas, popcorn and candy.


Take advantage of excess time indoors by whipping up an old favorite like chocolate chip cookies — or trying a new recipe. Don’t forget to share the fruits of your labor with your neighbors!

Build a pillow fort.

Gather up pillows and blankets and build an old-fashioned pillow fort in the living room. Once it’s finished, climb inside and cozy up with a book.

Create a masterpiece.

Keep art supplies on hand to whip out when boredom sets in. From crayons and coloring books to paints and canvases, the options are endless.

Sit down to a family dinner.

Make family dinner an event. Create a festive center piece, set the table, serve your meal in courses and have conversation topics ready to discuss during dinner. Cook as a family or grab takeout from one of your favorite restaurants.

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