The Psychological Benefits of Comfort Food

Everyone loves to cozy up to a warm plate of comfort food, but did you know the reasons why you love it go beyond taste? Comfort food has proven psychological benefits – just thinking about it has positive effects on your brain! Read on to find out how comfort food gives your mental health a boost.

It brings back good memories.

Comfort food is comforting because you associate it with warm, happy memories and it evokes those feelings whenever you eat it. Your favorite comfort foods were likely served to you by a loved parent or caregiver when you were young and eating those foods will bring up feelings that are reminiscent of happy times from your childhood.

It makes you feel less lonely.

You likely first enjoyed your favorite comfort foods surrounded by loved ones and even when you eat those same foods by yourself, you get the comforting feelings of togetherness and belonging that you had back then.

It improves your mood.

With each bite of your favorite comfort food dish, good memories and thoughts of loved ones flood your subconscious and your mood gets an automatic boost.

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