Hosting House Guests During the Holidays

Hosting out-of-town family and friends during the holidays is one of the best ways to enjoy a little extra time with loved ones you don’t see very often. You want to do everything you can to make their visit fun, easy and comfortable. Follow the checklist below to make sure your guests’ stay goes smoothly.

Clean your house.

Take a day to deep clean your home or pay a maid service to clean and tidy up.

Make sure you have enough sleeping spaces.

If you have more guests than guest rooms, get creative in creating comfortable spaces for everyone to sleep. Make up your couch with sheets, bed pillows and a comforter if you’re going to have someone sleep in the living room or pick up an air mattress to place on the floor.

Make room in closets.

Make sure there is plenty of space for your guests to hang up clothes by clearing clutter out of your closets.

Set out fresh towels.

Provide your guests with plenty of fresh towels and wash cloths. Place them on the bed when they arrive or in a visible spot in the bathroom so they know exactly where to find them.

Provide a few essentials.

Set out soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom just in case one of your guests forgets any essentials.

Grab some extra groceries.

Pick up a case of water bottles and stock up on your guests’ favorite beverages and snacks. Make sure they know to help themselves during their stay.

Plan your meals.

Well-fed house guests are happy house guests. You know what you’re having for your big holiday meal, but go ahead and plan the other meals your guests will share with you in your home. Make reservations at a local restaurant, whip up one of your favorite dinners, or keep it simple and order food to-go from Lee’s.

With our classic Famous Recipe chicken, savory Oven Roast chicken, hand-breaded breast strips, country sides, fluffy biscuits and refreshing tea, we offer something for everyone. Our food is also freshly prepared, so you can serve your guest a home cooked meal without stepping foot in the kitchen. Find a Lee’s location near you to place your order.


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