Decorate Easter Eggs that Stand Out in the Nest

Every spring, dyeing Easter eggs is a family tradition as popular as the Easter Bunny himself. While you can’t go wrong with classic, vibrantly dyed eggs, it’s also fun to get creative when decorating. This year, add new techniques to your family traditions to give your Easter eggs some extra flair!

Try out patterns.

If you want your Easter eggs to make a bold statement, all you need is electrical tape. Stick the tape onto your egg in a variety of patterns including stripes, plaid or geometric shapes. Once you have applied the tape, dip the egg into a traditional dye mixture of water, vinegar and food coloring. After the egg has soaked and dried, remove the tape to reveal a crisp pattern. If you’re going for a multi-colored egg, repeat the process in a different color dye.

Show off your handwriting.

A white crayon can give your Easter eggs some personality. Use the crayon to write a message, Bible verse or your name. You can even sketch a doodle. Since the crayon is white, your egg will appear plain—until you dye it. When you pull your egg out of the dye, your handwriting will magically appear!

Get artistic.

Break out your paint set, and make the egg shells your canvas. Use a small paintbrush to apply watercolor paint to your Easter egg. This technique will give your eggs a dreamy look that is perfect for highlighting those springtime pastels.

Make your colors POP.

Get the party started at Easter dinner with these groovy eggs. Start by dampening a paper towel with water and vinegar, and wrap it around your egg. Drip several drops of two or three different food colorings onto the wrapped egg. Let the egg sit for a few minutes, then remove the paper towel to find an Easter egg that is far out.

Add a sticker.

If you’re looking for a simple way to make your egg unique, dye it as usual in your favorite colors. Then, add a sticker making sure to carefully press out any air bubbles that might have formed underneath. Your sticker choice could range from fresh flowers to your favorite food. We like to decorate our eggs to show off our love for Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken!

While you’re busy decorating eggs, there is no room left in the kitchen for cooking. Pick up Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken from your nearest location and enjoy a family meal while you decorate. Share your custom creations with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram — especially those Lee’s-inspired works of art!

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