5 Hacks for the Best Big Game Watch Party

Everybody looks forward to a Big Game watch party – and it’s surprisingly easy to throw a great one. By following a few simple tips, you can be sure your party will come out a winner, no matter how the game ends.

Start at the right time.

Your watch party start time is an important component of your party flow. If you start too early, the event will feel too long and drawn out. If you start too late, your party will feel short, and you won’t have enough time to socialize without the distraction of the game. We think the sweet spot is somewhere around an hour and a half before kickoff.

Get your head in the game.

Have some healthy competition at your party by setting up a guess-the-score game. Use a chalk or white board to write down everyone’s score guess, and then hand out a prize to the winner at the end of the party.

Set up stations.

A Big Game party should be set up in a way that allows guests to easily grab snacks and drinks throughout the event. Instead of one long buffet line, try to set up stations throughout your space. Set up one area for your appetizers or meal, one area for desserts and one area for drinks.

Stay well-stocked.

Pay attention to the food and drinks in your various stations, and make sure to restock throughout the party.

Go for simplicity.

While there are lots of delicious football-themed recipes out there, cooking the whole spread yourself is a lot of work. You could host a potluck-style party, but that takes a lot of coordination — and trust in your guests’ cooking skills. We recommend grabbing Lee’s take out to keep your food prep and cleanup as simple as possible.

When it comes to your party, the food is just as important as the game itself. Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken offers catering for Big Game parties of any size that’s easy to pick up and always a hit. Call the Lee’s location nearest you to place your order!


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