How to Throw the Ultimate Friendsgiving

The Thanksgiving season is all about celebrating what you’re thankful for. For many of us, our friends and family are at the top of that list. Celebrate some of the most important people in your life by hosting a Friendsgiving! Follow these tips to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Assign duties.

Your friends will likely want to contribute. Unless you want to take care of the entire event yourself, grab the main dish, but assign tasks to each person that has RSVP’d. From bringing a side dish to making drinks to getting the decorations, there are a variety of ways for everyone to chip in!

Think about your space.

Your dining and living room layout may need a little rearranging to maximize flow and comfort. Make sure your table has plenty of spots for your friends. If it doesn’t, consider setting up a long card table and covering it with a tablecloth for more seating (remember, this can be an assigned task for a friend if you do not have one!).

Most importantly, optimize the flow of your potluck by putting napkins, plates and silverware at the beginning. Then start the food spread with the main dish first and all of the side dishes to follow. Drinks can be added at the end, but if space allows, have drinks and desserts set up in additional locations.

If you plan on playing games or watching a movie after dinner, you may need to add seating in the living room – especially if the chairs used at the table are difficult to move or uncomfortable for guests to stay in for the more relaxed post-dinner atmosphere.

Make a playlist.

Every party needs good background music. Choose your most music savvy friend to put together a playlist that will keep the mood happy and upbeat.

Go with paper.

No one wants to get stuck with dish duty after your big meal – and no one should. Keep cleanup easy by picking up festive paper plates, napkins and plastic silverware/drinkware. Not only does this make clean-up a breeze, but can save you money by adding to the festive décor!

Order out the food.

Many people don’t have the time to cook a large turkey – let alone all of the fixin’s. For those that do, the stress of cooking can take the fun out of Friendsgiving completely. Ordering a homestyle meal to-go makes the whole event simpler and more enjoyable for everyone. One person can place the order, someone else can pick it up and everyone else can just chip in!

If you have friends that love to cook and want to do a potluck-style meal, you may not have time in your hectic schedule to figure out what you want to bring — let alone time to go to the grocery store and make it. For others, cooking may just not be your thing — what is the difference between “t” and “T”? What is considered a “dash” of salt? Lee’s can help with that, too! Whether you need a main dish, a couple of sides or a gallon of tea, we have you covered.

Have to-go boxes for leftovers.

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the leftovers, and Friendsgiving is no different. Pick up some disposable containers to send everyone home with and you won’t have to worry about all of your Tupperware disappearing!

A memorable Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as the food and company are good, fun will be had by all! Check out the Lee’s Menu to learn more about your holiday potluck options, and, if you serve Lee’s at your Friendsgiving, make sure to share a photo with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #FamousForChicken.

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