Four Surprising Benefits of Regular Family Meals

The family dinner table is one of the best places to make lasting memories, but did you know it’s also a place to strengthen the mental, physical and emotional health of your children? Read on for four surprising ways regular family meals help your kids live healthier, happier lives.

Children who regularly eat dinner with their family are more likely to…

…get good grades.

Children and teens who regularly eat dinner with their families are 40% more likely to get A’s and B’s.

…have a high self-esteem.

Regular family time increase children’s sense of security and gives them the confidence to overcome any obstacles or issues they may face.

…avoid drug or alcohol abuse problems.

Quality time with your kids develops a deeper trust between the two of you, increasing the likelihood they will follow your advice and avoid harmful behavior.

…avoid depression.

Children find comfort in knowing that each night they will find support, encouragement and a listening ear from their families. Regular meal time also helps parents understand their children and how to best support them.

The benefits above make an overwhelming case for regular family dinners. It may take extra effort to get your family together, but these important sit-down meals don’t have to be extravagant. The real benefits come from the quality time and conversation you have around the dinner table, so keep the food itself simple, easy to prepare and easy to clean up – like the family meals at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken. Complete with freshly, never frozen chicken, famous sides and buttery biscuits, Lee’s family meals allow you to have a delicious, home-style dinner on the table in minutes. Find your nearest Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken.

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